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This classic men’s powerhouse aromatic Fougere by azzaro never goes out of style for me. This is certainly a masterpiece created in 1978 by perfumers who I’m not too familiar with by the name of Gerard Anthony and Richard Wirz! But I do know that Gerard Anthony also created another of my favorites from yesteryear called Balenciaga Pour Homme. Sadly that fragrance is discontinued but glad we still have access to Azzaro Pour Homme. ⁣
Recently I discussed alternatives to yslbeauty Rive Gauche Pour Homme and I featured Azzaro Pour Homme as a great inexpensive alternative to Rive Gauche Pour Homme. Yes this is certainly one that can replace that very sought after discontinued classic by Yves Saint Laurent. ⁣
What I love about Azzaro Pour Homme is that it reminds me of times when I was very young smelling fragrances in my dad, uncles or relatives or other strangers that wore fragrance or cologne. Plus I love the lavender and anise combo in this aromatic fougere. This is a sold release and still smells great after so many years. Are you a fan? If you haven’t caught my video featuring this fragrance and many others as alternatives to YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme you still can via the link in the bio. 😄⁣

#azzaropourhomme #aromaticfougere #azzaro #fougere #powehouse #classicmensfragrances #anise #lavender #theperfumeguy

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SOTD: Azzaro pour Homme. One of the iconic masculines from the 70s-80s. I can't help but think of YSL's Rive Gauche PH when I smell this even though they don't smell alike. They do share many of the same notes and are both fougeres though. The biggest difference (besides smell) to me is while Rive Gauche is sophisticated and smooth as silk, this one has some rough edges (though it smooths out in the drydown.) According to the paper insert, in addition to the EDT, there were 15 ancillary products available as well! #azzaro #azzaropourhomme #perfume #fragrance #sotd #scentoftheday ...

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SOTD: Azzaro pour Homme for the second day of my Fougére Week No. 2. This and Paco Rabanne PH are both aromatic fougéres and share some basic notes, but I always thought they were rather different. Last night though when I smelled Azzaro, I couldn't help but think of Paco. I still think Paco Rabanne PH is manlier where Azzaro is smoother and I'll always put Paco at the top, but Azzaro PH is also quality stuff. Anyone recommend the current Azzaro PH formulation? #azzaro #lorisazzaro #azzaropourhomme #fougères #fougere #perfume #fragrance #sotd #scentoftheday ...

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В далеком 1978 году Лорис Аззаро – создал свой первый мужской аромат Azzaro Pour Homme и посвятил его искусству обольщения. Сегодня Azzaro Pour Homme открывает себя с новой стороны: на базе классической композиции появляется коллекция Sensual Blends, состоящая из трех мужских ароматов.
Hot Pepper, Amber Fever и Naughty Leather - это три разных характера, три грани, каждый из которых олицетворяет свою сторону соблазна.
🔸Амброво-фужерный Amber Fever – пылкий и пламенный, окутывает нотами шалфея, герани, абсолю какао и амбры.
🔸Кожано-фужерный Naughty Leather - динамичный и насыщенный, играет сладкой даваной, кожей и ванилью.
🔸Пряный фужерный Hot Pepper - чувственный и притягательный, очаровывает нотами острого перца, розовым перцем, ягодами можжевельника и кашмераном.
▪️Ароматы azzaro эксклюзивно представлены в сети letoile_official 🔺А вы бы какую грань выбрали?
azzaro_official azzaro
#azzaropourhomme #sensualblends #azzaroparfum #azzarorussia #azzaro

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2 houses, 2 traditional masculines, and 2 off beat selections. Paco Rabanne pour Homme and Azzaro pour Homme perfectly illustrate the 1970s idea of masculine fragrances. The Azzaro is smoother and more refined while the Paco Rabanne is rougher and more in your face, but they are both aromatic fougéres which defined manliness for many men and women at the time. Surprisingly, they're both still in production today. At the end of the next decade, when these two fragrances were still somewhat popular, the two houses released two unusual and quite bold choices for men. In 1988, Paco Rabanne gave us the fantastic Ténéré, a floral, animalic beauty. I'm not sure how long it was around, but I don't think it was very long. The next year, Acteur, a rose - leather affair, came from Azzaro. I think it lasted longer than Ténéré, but it seems to have disappeared sometime in the early 90s. Two disparate offerings from two big fashion brands - something rarely seen today. Are you a fan of any of these fragrances? #lorisazzaro #azzaro #azzaropourhomme #acteur #azzaroacteur #pacorabanne #pacorabanneparfums #pacorabannepourhomme #perfume #fragrance #perfumecollection ...

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