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Warm Spicy

Warm Spicy

Encens Chembur


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Друзья, приехали новинки от #byredo ...
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my little collection of officialbyredo ✨

2 out of 3 are what I would call “vintage scents” 🔖1996 is, hands down, a definite classic. I dont think anyone would call this a modern scent as it mainly project a beautiful balance of iris and juniper berry. Somewhere along the line, a sweet hint of amber pops up every now and then. This hypnotizing line will color your skin for a good 8 hours, and the scent does get better overtime. My girl friend told me I smell very Parisian when I wore 1996 to an evening party. 🔖Encens Chembur is also another classic. The incense here is dry, soft and not suffocating. The addition of citrus is just enough to give a bit of freshness, without turning the scent to a citrus olfactory family. The ginger plays along to add a tiny bit of spiciness to sharpen the fragrance. It is a beautiful blend, sadly with low projection and longevity. But I love the scent so much, I don’t mind if others cannot detect it, as long as I can enjoy it. 🔖 And oh, Mojave Ghost. A unique, one-of-a-kind smelling fragrance that I can sit comfortably on the fence with. Do I love it? hmm.. Do I hate it? No.. Do I love wearing it? Sometimes. Mojave Ghost is definitely a modern scent. It’s a blend of sapodilla (a fruit I used to eat a lot as a child) and magnolia. To me it is a pleasing, unique scent, but I personally don’t find it very appealing. And it’s also one of the fragrances that whenever I wear it, the presence comes and goes... like a ghost (?). What’s your favourite Byredo? I want to know 💞 .

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Encens Chembur

Безмятежность, свобода, внутренние спокойствие и гармония, наполняют меня когда я вдыхаю этот прекрасный аромат!

Аромат цитрусовый, свежий, подходит на весну и лето

Верхние ноты: бергамот, лимон
Ноты сердца: имбирь, мускат, ладан
Базовые ноты: амбра, лабданум, мускус

❗️Строго оригинальный парфюм❗️
Аромат доступен как в полноразмерном флаконе, так и на распив 2,3,5,10,20,25мл
Для заказа пиши в w/a (активная ссылка в шапке профиля)
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I absolutely have no idea where my love for incense-smell comes from! I used to despise it, especially when I was a kid; smelling the damp scent of old churches or the strong scent of incense from Chinese temple weren’t a few of my favourite things. As I grow older however, my love for incense and old woods and cupboards grow.
In the Fragrance Universe, Encens Chembur from officialbyredo is where I start the incense-loving journey. This rare gem is a light incense-based fragrance with a dash of citrus and ginger and it smells oh-so-damn-good! It is definitely vintage, but not chanel no.5 vintage — imagine an androgynous, casual, hip modern kind of vintage instead. It is incensy, yet it’s fresh and spicy too at the same time (not too balsamic). This perfume is not for everyone. I can see this being polarizing, but for you unique scent lovers out there, you might want to give this a go. Longevity isn’t that great (I find Byredo perfumes have weak longevity), but projection is whoa!! Have any of you tried this? —

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